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Be Wary of The Panel Group of One

The Panel Group of One is when one uses their own personal experience to project what other people will do. This Panel Group of One – while interpreted as brilliant by the one – can often lead to several missed opportunities when it comes to marketing and selecting the media mix for a campaign.

But as we are not clones, our media usage varies greatly as individuals. Everything from lifestyle, to job, to peers, to geography, to community, to age influences the way that we use our media.

So while I might use the computer a lot throughout the day, listening to classical music on Spotify and then spend my evenings over hearing YouTube videos of the Fortnite teen influencers who are teaching how to achieve Battle Royale as a nube, my customer might be a sales rep who spends most of her day time in the car listening to the radio and not Spotify or Pandora because she is on a limited data plan and really prefers the company of the local radio personalities. At night, she loves to watch old soap operas on cable and spends a lot of time browsing through her Instagram and Facebook to see what her friends did all day while she was driving around.

My Panel Group of One would have selected Spotify, Digital Display and YouTube. Unfortunately, my perspective customer is listening to radio, cable and browsing social. I would have completely missed her!

Of course this is a simplified example and yes, you will get a chunk of prospects with whatever mix you do use – but to make sure you are getting the very best ROI, step away from The Panel Group of One. Research the media that your target demographic actually uses the most and identify the top three medias where these people are really spending their time. From this, create a balanced media mix that will most effectively reach your company’s target demo…and not just yourself.

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