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Why Radio Advertising in the Digital Age?

In the Digital Age companies are pressured to focus advertising solely on digital advertising. However, this may not be the most effective medium to focus on. Research and advertising results continue to support the use of radio advertising. The three main advantages of radio advertising are its reach, retention, and ROI (return on investment).


Radio’s reach even during the digital age hasn’t changed, in fact it has continued to grow. This challenges the idea that many potential advertisers have; radio is on the downfall. Radio continues to reach a growing audience which makes it an excellent platform for advertising. 


The retention offered from radio advertising is also often superior to its competitors. Radio has been proven to produce strong responses in impacting consumer behavior such as making a purchase, creating recognition, or stopping into a restaurant. While watching an advertisement is passive, listening to radio requires more engagement and as a result, creates more retention among an audience. 


Radio is many times the most cost effective advertising option. With great reach, retention, and influence it is no surprise it results in a good ROI. TV advertising is more expensive and SEO is more competitive. Radio often receives less creative quality as well so with that in consideration, it is clear ROI is significantly better than that of other platforms. 

Benefits of Radio Advertising 

In addition to the three major benefits of radio advertising, radio offers numerous benefits unique to it’s platform. A major appeal to radio is that it is a free medium, so it attracts a wide and consistent demographic. Research shows that 92% of people over the age of 12 listen to radio on a weekly basis. This gives radio the potential to reach a broad and narrow audience demographic based on format, timing, and content. Another benefit is that radio allows you to repeat an ad in a less ‘annoying’ way than other platforms. It is great at building brand awareness so that when it comes time a listener needs your product they are more likely to search or pick you out of competitors. Radio also offers a longer time period, typically 30 seconds, dedicated to your ad as opposed to some digital platforms that offer as little as seconds.  


Radio advertising continues to be a growing platform that provides great results for advertisers. It’s superior ability to reach more people, create meaningful awareness, and produce great ROI makes it an important platform to use in your advertising strategy.