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The Winery Case Study

Why The Winery Came to LMA

The Winery, located in La Jolla, Tustin, and Newport Beach, focuses on bringing “contemporary California regional cuisine, with a hip, vibrant, sophisticated setting, to create a cutting-edge dining experience”. LMA created a successful marketing campaign to help double their profits. Due to the franchise, each location has had its own specific goals that LMA was able to help meet. The Winery at UTC in La Jolla had a lease with Westfield that required them to be open for lunch during the week. This became very costly, and our client was losing money on this because of the lack of customers during their lunch hours. As their losses for lunch continued to mount, their owner JC Clow made it their goal to break even.

One of the challenges they faced was the area. Surrounding UTC are office buildings with major companies such as Qualcomm and medical practices. The perception of these office employees was that The Winery was too expensive for lunch and took too long, as most employees only had an hour for lunch. The other two barriers were the belief that The Winery was a place to enjoy wine, not really the food.

What Did LMA Do?

Our strategy started by working with The Winery on a menu that was under $20 per person, did not include wine and could get people in and out of the restaurant in less than one hour. We also needed to find messaging that highlighted the award-winning chief and the variety of food that The Winery offered. Meanwhile, LMA worked with The Winery and the management at Westfield mall to provide free valet parking during lunch hours.

Now we just needed a media strategy to get the word out!

After some research, we concluded the target audience for this client was office workers located within a 5-mile radius of The Winery. LMA Geo-Fenced all the offices within that 5-mile radius and then created ads that highlighted the under $20 per person menu, as well as a guarantee to get office workers in and out of the restaurant in less than one hour with free parking. We were able to incorporate all the information desired, including the award-winning chief. Anyone that went on the internet to sites like or social media were served these ads.

LMA provided all the creative for the campaigns as well as designing the menu and working with the staff and mall management to ensure fulfillment of the less than one-hour guarantee. We also worked with our digital partner to target the right audience and then maximizing the 6-month campaign by tracking the analytics on a weekly basis.


As a result, we got our client to a break-even point after less than 60 days. Starting in the third month of the campaign, The Winery started to show a profit and by month six they were experiencing a double-digit profit! Overall, our program could track people who saw the ad, clicked on it, and then entered the restaurant, so we knew the campaign was working. Since then, LMA has helped all 3 of their locations.

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