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The Super Dentists Case Study

Why The Super Dentists Came to LMA

The Super Dentists are a highly accredited dentist group located across San Diego county and provide a unique approach to their pediatric and adult dentistry. These superhero dentists hired LMA back in 2012 for Television and Radio media buying with the goal to increase foot traffic and gain more patients across the San Diego County.

What Did LMA Do?

After just 6 months of working with our team and as a direct result of building trust and success with our original media buying, we were hired for additional PR,  Non-Profit affiliations, and any other business opportunities LMA could help solve.

Our biggest focus for their marketing strategy is Digital TV and Radio advertisements through TV networks like PBS. After analyzing data, our team and The Super Dentists determined that our target audience are women and small children, however, our main focus was the kids. In short, our client’s vision is to make a child’s dentist experience enjoyable and something to look forward to. Therefore, we created a successful media buying strategy that would effectively reach our target audience. Our team of experts identified channels and programs beneficial for this client such as Sesame Street, Clifford the Big Red Dog, Oprah, and so forth to reach their desired target audience. The Super Dentists were happy to see high reach levels from our TV and Radio efforts with over 3.3 million radio and 17.2 million TV interactions.


As a result, we partnered with Cox Media Group and advertised across 15 different, paid subscription networks. Our reports depicted a 224% increase in new users in our client’s overall web traffic. Due to our combined efforts, our clients welcomed over 5,100 new patients that year! 

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