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Let’s FACE it. Endorsement Marketing Works.

Many brands have a face to their name. Nike would not be Nike without Michael Jordan’s infamous Air Jordans. Microsoft seems more trustworthy & innovative when you have Oprah telling you so and Calvin Klein remains that cool & modern brand, by using the celebrities of the moment as their spokespeople, such as Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber. We call this concept, Endorsement Marketing. Endorsers are people making a public declaration of their support of a brand. These endorsement campaigns can be either paid or unpaid. If you’re wondering if involving an endorser into a brand’s marketing campaign is worth it, the answer is often times, YES! From a local level, LMA uses local radio personalities for various clients to engage the public, increase conversion of service or product and to associate brands with like-minded people. On-air influencers are daily companions to people whose recommendations drive action. According to the ‘Power of Personality and...