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Sammy’s Food & Wine Case Study

Sammy’s Food & Wine has been going strong for thirty years with award winning salads, sharables, and fresh wood-fired pizzas. With 12 locations around San Diego, Palm Springs, and Las Vegas, Sammy’s Food and Wine is a staple restaurant and loved by many local residents who have been going to Sammy’s throughout their lifetime.  Following the success of Sammy’s, they opened two brunch restaurants in San Diego and Las Vegas, Toast and Toasted Gastrobrunch.

Why Sammy’s Came to LMA

Originally, Amy Bulgatz, Chief Financial Officer of Sammy’s restaurant group, came to LMA for help with their social media. She felt that with so many locations, they should have a bigger following and higher engagement on their social media platforms. She didn’t think her previous agency was growing their audience as much as they should be and was looking for more creativity.

What Did LMA Do?

LMA conducted a social audit for Sammy’s Food & Wine, Toast, and Toasted. Each restaurant had their own perspective social media accounts. Our social media Director went to Amy with suggestions on what she would do differently for each account to ensure each audience would grow. Her strategy included influencer outreach and collaboration, branded content creation, new photography, hashtag research, and the inclusion of video Reels. After our partnership with Sammy’s had begun to flourish, they came to us with other needs including graphic design, PR, and radio advertising. Our strategy team worked closely with PR to outline event opportunities, speaking engagements and news segments for Sammy’s.

One of the locations in La Jolla, had been closed down due to renovations for three months. When they needed to gain local attention to promote the grand opening, LMA stepped in and created an entire media plan complete with PR, Radio, print advertisements, and social media. Their grand re-opening was a major success and they saw an immediate increase in revenue.


As a result, Sammy’s social media accounts saw an increase in impressions, reach, and followers. We increased the following for each account on average by 377%. The average accounts reached increased by 488%. We attribute the increase in followers to the improved profile aesthetic, influencer visits, giveaway strategies, and PR.