Radio Advertising

According to Pew Research Center Radio Advertising still reigns as king of market reach with over 91% of the American population tuning in every single week. 

Radio is a great advertising platform because listeners are typically loyal to certain stations and develop a bond with radio personalities. Hearing a trusted radio personality recommend your product or brand is likely to have greater influence on a potential customers than other advertising channels. Radio advertising also works incomparably in increasing brand recognition. If you’ve ever had a jingle stuck in your head, you’ll understand this. Listening requires active engagement and results in higher levels of recognition later.  

Radio is also an excellent place to give your brand personality that will stick with people. Because of its memorability consumers are likely to associate other encounters of your brand with your radio advertising campaign. These connections are crucial because they help to influence action among potential customers. For example, when you hear a car commercial you may not be in the market for a car at that exact moment. However, when you are eventually in the market for a car you’re more likely to remember a catchy radio advertisement and look towards that specific brand or dealership.      

With the rise of smart speakers in homes, radio stations are reaching their fans in the household, not just the car. The ability to go back and listen to radio broadcasts via podcasts, further strengthens radio’s reach. 

LMA has all the knowledge and experience needed to get you the most out of radio advertising. Whether it be getting spots or endorsements, our relationships with local radio stations help us create a successful radio advertising campaign.