Our Services

Media Planning & Buying

With over 10 decades of experience among LMA’s leadership, we’ve established strong relationships across the country. We know the markets, the players, and the media landscape – which means we also know what’s fair when it comes to pricing and rates. Whether your business is targeting San Diegans or Bostonians, we leverage our relationships and expertise to create custom strategies to reach our clients’ goals.

Public Relations

Art of Skin
  • KUSI Good Morning San Diego, Dr. Melanie Palm: The 411 on Melanomas
  • KUSI Good Morning San Diego, Dr. Melanie Palm: how to protect and repair your skin from summer damage
The Super Dentists
  • Fox 5, New Protocols for Dentists after COVID19- Dr. Kami Hoss
  • ABC 10, Dentists Begin to Reopen with Lockdown Orders Lifted- Dr. Kami Hoss
Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center
  • Fox 5, Virtual Arts & Wellness- JCC
  • Mp4 Video in Google Drive Link
  • KUSI, Jewish Short Film Festival The Joyce Forum
The Winery
  • CBS 8, Taco Tuesday: The Winery at UTC
  • Recognized by Expertise as one of the best PR Firms in San Diego

Advertising Creative, Packaging & Production

We help conceptualize and create effective advertisements across all media platforms. You may have the best-tasting energy drink, but if customers dislike the packaging, it will get lost among the many brands. If you make the best running shoe but the purchase flow on your website is overly complicated, then people don’t buy. At LMA, we don’t overlook the details, because details matter.

Strategic Planning

Today’s media landscape is best defined as fragmented – with the average person being exposed to over 5,000 ads per day!

While the many media paths may seem overwhelming when creating a media strategy, LMA thrives on the options. There are more ways than ever to reach the target consumer with a message that speaks to them.

Upon learning everything we can about your business, marketing goals and budget, LMA will create a strategic marketing plan that identifies the most effective way to deliver your message to as many of the most qualified people as possible.

Marketing Research & Analysis

With any new partnership or campaign, LMA recognizes the importance of researching your brand’s industry, as well as your primary competitors. Given the competitive landscape, businesses cannot hope to run the show using only their gut instincts. LMA’s market research gets you the information you need so we can work together to scale your brand.

Brand Creation, Development & Strategy

A company’s brand identification is its foundation and story.  When the consumer sees or hears something about your product, what do they think of? How do they feel?  What is it about your brand that sets itself apart from other brands in the industry? LMA will help you tell your story and achieve your business development goals.

Cause Marketing

LMA has seen the writing on the wall when it comes to cause marketing and how it can sway customers to choose a specific brand. LMA will help align your company with a cause to produce profitable and societal benefits for both you and your customers. These mutual benefits can include the creation of social value, increased connection with the public, and the communication of shared value, as well as profit.

Direct Response Marketing

You can’t just throw your marketing in a direction and hope for the best. It’s important to have the right data to have a targeted audience for your sales. LMA will help you get the data you need to help build a strong marketing strategy for your brand.

Direct results marketing is more than just getting the phone to ring. It’s about consistently achieving the optimum return on your investment into marketing and advertising. That includes the investment into your partnership with LMA.

Tracking & Analysis

Data can be as unique as your business and is an important driver of its success. With LMA’s personalized tracking measures & reporting, we can tailor your brands goals & objectives and make the most of the findings. We will assist with actionable feedback and help you discover missing opportunities and impactful courses of action!

Digital Advertising

Consumer interaction with the media is constantly changing which is why LMA is continually evolving our own tools to make sure that our client’s brands are at the forefront of the digital space. This includes social media management, email campaigns, e-commerce marketing, search engine optimization, mobile apps, banner ads, affiliate programs and websites to market to your customers.

SEO/SEM Strategy

Most people search online before buying anything, so having a strong presence in search is crucial, using SEO for organic traffic, and SEM for targeted ads. Using both is a strategic combination that will help boost your long-term visibility. At LMA, we make sure your brand is found when your customers need you the most.


One of the top reasons for LMA’s success is our commitment to measuring impact and ROI of every single campaign.  Once collected and analyzed, LMA will further refine your campaign to ensure your company successfully achieves its goals.

Social Media Strategy

LMA understands that communication in today’s world relies heavily upon social media. We help you use social media platforms to connect with your audience, build your brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic. This involves publishing great content on your social media profiles, listening to and engaging your followers, analyzing your results, and running social media advertisements.

Television Advertising

On average, Americans spend 28 hours per week watching TV.  Whether that means they are watching via broadcast, cable or a streaming service, television remains an important American pastime and is one of the most effective forms of media advertising.

LMA’s extensive relationships in the local television market give us an edge over the competition when it comes to rates, reporting and overall knowledge of the industry.

Radio Advertising

Radio still reigns as king of market reach with over 92% of the American population tuning in every single week. With the rise of smart speakers in the homes, radio stations are getting back to their fans in the household, not just the car.  The powerful combination of reach, frequency and theatre of the mind makes radio a critical piece of the media puzzle. The ability to go back and listen to radio broadcasts via podcasts, further strengthens radio’s reach.

Print Advertising

Print is not dead.  In fact, for certain demographics, print delivers some of the best ROI.   Print offers the ease to target groups with specific interests. Need to reach foodies in San Diego? Let’s get you in Thursday’s food section of the newspaper. The staying power of print gives advertisers an aura of strength and solidity.

Hispanic Media Buying & Creative

LMA understands that our country is changing — By 2050, 30 out of every 100 U.S. residents, and therefore consumers, will be Hispanic. We work with brands to reach their customers at the intersection between the current Hispanic market and the “future” market.

Out of Home Advertising

Billboards, buses, aerial and more…many out of home advertising platforms exist. We will help identify the best options for your brand’s consumers.

Reputation Management

Companies and individuals spend enormous amounts of money and energy building a strong reputation, and all that effort can easily be ruined by online trolls or even by your own missteps. In today’s world, it is vital to have a professional team in your corner to build, monitor, and protect your brand.