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Let’s FACE it. Endorsement Marketing Works.

Many brands have a face to their name. Nike would not be Nike without Michael Jordan’s infamous Air Jordans. Microsoft seems more trustworthy & innovative when you have Oprah telling you so and Calvin Klein remains that cool & modern brand, by using the celebrities of the moment as their spokespeople, such as Kendall Jenner and Justin Bieber.

We call this concept, Endorsement Marketing. Endorsers are people making a public declaration of their support of a brand. These endorsement campaigns can be either paid or unpaid.

If you’re wondering if involving an endorser into a brand’s marketing campaign is worth it, the answer is often times, YES!

From a local level, LMA uses local radio personalities for various clients to engage the public, increase conversion of service or product and to associate brands with like-minded people.

On-air influencers are daily companions to people whose recommendations drive action. According to the ‘Power of Personality and State of Listening’ study conducted by iHeart Media, 86% of people perceive a deep connection with their favorite radio personality, 74% value their opinion and perspectives, and 61% considered or purchased a product recommended by their favorite personality.

Below are some of the steps LMA Marketing & Advertising takes to assess the needs of an endorsement marketing campaign.

STEP 1: Conduct a needs analysis. Assess the brand and their goals. What are they trying to accomplish? Are they trying to increase in ROI?  Do they need help with brand awareness? Are they trying to sell 50 cars in one week’s time? Whatever the goal of the brand, you first need to make sense of their needs and if an endorser is right for them.

STEP 2: Target the right audience. Make sure to research platforms that will speak to your demographic. If you’re selling lipstick, chances are you won’t look for the #1 Sports Talk station in your market to get this message across! A brand should know their people and know how they consume their media.

STEP 3: Identify a believable personality. Find an endorser that is trusted and speaks to your brand. Do they have loyal & engaged listeners? A large social following? If you can find someone who already has a connection or story within the brand, that authenticity is even better!

STEP 4: Educate the endorser on your brand. It’s important to give the endorser as much education as possible about the brand/product. They are your walking/talking advertisement! Make sure they know what they’re talking about & that they are constantly updated on new messaging, product releases, etc.

STEP 5: Optimize! Continue to track the endorsement campaign. Look at measurable results as it relates to the brand’s goal. What can you alter in the campaign? What should you keep the same?

There you have it. A FACE to a NAME- it’s a powerful association!

Written By: Lindsay Wallis

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