Creative Marketing

Creative Marketing is the ability to utilize creativity in efforts set your brand apart. The best types of marketing do more than just promote a brand, they create meaningful experiences that stick with the consumer. It’s important to go beyond the marketing basics and find creative and new ways to reach your customer base. In today’s highly digitized world, consumers are constantly bombarded with advertisements. Consequently, people are becoming less and less responsive to traditional advertisements. In order to reach and promote action to potential customers, you must continuously monitor and update your marketing. Harvard Business Insider recently emphasized this shift explaining how creative marketing has gone beyond just creating images or graphics. They suggest now to include the data, analytics, and customer experience. It is important to promote a product in a way that resonates strongly enough with your consumers to turn them into advocates. 

Think about an advertisement or marketing campaign that’s stuck with you, what do you remember about it? You probably remember it because it resonated with something meaningful to you. For example, Nikes “Just Do It”, resonates with many of its customers because it promotes a message of hard work and dedication, part of their customer’s identity. LMA understands the importance of creative marketing and we incorporate this into the work that we do. We work with clients to create engaging marketing campaigns and come up with new and effective ways to reach your customers. Our team is experienced on various different marketing techniques and has the ability to meet your brand’s unique market.