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CalPrivate Bank Case Study

Why CalPrivate Bank Came to LMA

CalPrivate Bank – has various locations in beach cities scattered across Southern California. The Bank’s focus is to provide a distinctly different banking experience through unparalleled service and creative funding solutions to individuals and businesses with complex financial needs. They offer a wide array of modern financial services, and their real estate lending group specializes in investor commercial properties, owner-occupied buildings, and construction loans.

Prior to 2017 “San Diego Bank”, the parent company, operated their (5) locations with different names: Coronado Private Bank, La Jolla Private Bank, etc. In 2017, they announced a corporate name change to CalPrivate Bank and this is where LMA came in. CalPrivate came to us in hopes of rebranding their bank franchise and creating unity under one brand in order to align all their divisions.

What Did LMA Do?

LMA orchestrated a complete rebranding campaign for the CalPrivate Bank name change across multiple markets. This included efforts in logo creation, creative design, promotional and sales materials, outdoor marketing, promotions & events, collateral, and signage. One of the greatest areas of success came from our CalPrivate website redesign which won the prestigious Hermes Creative Award! 

In addition, LMA  helped this client by developing a custom experiential (one on one) based marketing plan. We helped set up a private Chalet at The Summer Pops Symphony where they invite current key customers and top prospects. Consequently, this event translated very successfully in helping them secure new clients and generate substantial revenue. Our managing partner Jeff Fisher also met with key managers and salespeople at each location during the rebrand, to ensure success and develop new sales materials.


One of the services offered to this client during their rebrand was to redesign the website and the results we saw within 10 months were very favorable. What did we do? We hired an outside partner to revamp the site by creating an interactive experience with video-enabled backgrounds that are specific to the bank locations, yet still sticking to the basics with site navigation and adding in client testimonials to ensure reputability. We saw an increase of total new users by more than 29,000 people and the majority of the site discovery were direct or organic. The total digital recap concluded more than 259,000 page views to the direct homepage.

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