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Belmont Park Case Study

Why Belmont Came to LMA

Over the past few years, ownership has invested in new rides and attractions, amenities and more. They wanted to change their marketing strategy and include a more year round media exposure. They weren’t optimizing the platforms they were utilizing and needed direction on the best ways to engage and grow their audience. Their goal was to increase overall revenue and attraction through radio endorsements and digital media.


What Did LMA Do?

During the construction at Belmont Park, we opted for radio – on air personality endorsement campaigns. We also focused on their digital and social strategies. We used targeted display advertising directed towards mothers and families with children ages 4-15 years old.  As a result from this multi- tiered approach, Belmont Park has seen an increase in ride tickets, food, and beverage sales- year-over-year!


  • Targeted Display Ads  – Including Geo fencing other theme parks, families and site retargeting.
  • SEM – Paid search focusing on keywords, and geo targeting.
  • Email Prospecting – We deploy targeted email to specific zip codes with offers and call to actions.
  • Social Conquesting – Analyze data on Facebook and Instagram and deliver ads to those who have; commented liked or shared in related categories: Amusement parks, children, and activities.

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