About Us

LMA is a full-service Marketing and Advertising Agency that serves medium to large business throughout the United States. Our strength is creating strategic marketing solutions for businesses who want to present themselves to their customers, or potential investors, as a leader in their industry.

Today’s customer is hit with an average of 5,000 messages per day! A staggering number at face value – how can any business crack through all of that shouting and make sure that their business stands out among the rest? As a full-service marketing agency that has been in business for over 15 years, this is what we do best – make our clients stand out.

Whether your business has been around a while and needs a zing of freshness, or your business is new to market – how do you stand out from the rest, so that the consumers purchase your product/service when they’re in the market? How do you make sure that your company is amongst those that the consumer thinks of right away when deciding where to buy their product? How do you make sure that they learn about the product or service even BEFORE they’re ready? LMA can help you answer these questions.