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Who We Are

LMA is a full-service Marketing and Advertising Agency that serves medium to large businesses throughout the United States. LMA’s strength is creating strategic marketing solutions for businesses who want to present themselves to their customers, or potential investors, as a leader in their industry.

Today’s customer is hit with an average of 5,000 messages per day! A staggering number at face value – how can any business crack through all of that shouting and make sure that their business stands out among the rest? As a full-service marketing and advertising agency that has been in business for over 15 years, this is what we do best - make our clients stand out.

Whether your business has been around a while and needs a zing of freshness, or your business is new to market, there is one question all businesses have– how do you stand out from the rest so that consumers will purchase your product/service? How do you make sure that your company has elite brand recognition and recall in the market? How do you make sure that the consumer learns about the product/service even BEFORE they know they need it? LMA can help you answer these questions.

Our Services

Strategic Planning

Today’s media landscape is best defined as fragmented – with the average person being exposed to over 5,000 ads per day! While the many media paths may seem overwhelming when creating a media strategy, LMA thrives on the options. There are more ways than ever to reach the target consumer with a message that speaks to them.


Marketing Research & Analysis

With any new partnership or campaign, LMA recognizes the importance of researching your brand’s industry, as well as your primary competitors. Given the competitive landscape, businesses cannot hope to run the show using only their gut instincts. LMA’s market research gets you the information you need so we can work together to scale your brand.


Brand Creation, Development & Strategy

A company’s brand identification is its foundation and story. When the consumer sees or hears something about your product, what do they think of? How do they feel? What is it about your brand that sets itself apart from other brands in the industry? LMA will help you tell your story and achieve your business development goals.


Media Planning & Buying

With over 10 decades of experience among LMA’s leadership, we’ve established strong relationships across the country. We know the markets, the players, and the media landscape – which means we also know what’s fair when it comes to pricing and rates. Whether your business is targeting San Diegans or Bostonians, we leverage our relationships and expertise to create custom strategies to reach our clients’ goals.


Advertising Creative, Packaging & Production

We help conceptualize and create effective advertisements across all media platforms. You may have the best-tasting energy drink, but if customers dislike the packaging, it will get lost among the many brands. If you make the best running shoe but the purchase flow on your website is overly complicated, then people don’t buy. At LMA, we don’t overlook the details, because details matter.


Public Relations

Art of Skin, The Super Dentists, Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center and The Winery



LMA keeps us ahead of the curve when it comes to our competition. Their unprecedented relationships with upper management and station owners at all of the major radio outlets, give Anchor Funding access to the most well-known and in-demand on-air personalities for radio endorsements throughout Southern California. Laurie Fisher and her outstanding team at LMA are in touch with the most up-to-date changes in the radio market and are quick to keep me informed about radio station ownership, format and on-air lineup changes. I have worked with Laurie Fisher for almost 20 years and trust her team with many facets of my marketing. LMA continues to work hard to maximize our ROI - No one will work harder for you! — Kevin Lyons, President


We have been working with LMA since 2011-first in the San Diego market and then for the country. We had been working with a very large agency in LA until we saw what LMA brought to Fix Auto. Jeff and Laurie Fisher visited every location across the country to get a better feel for our brand and what the franchise owners were saying about it. They took that input and devised marketing plans for each area in which Fix has locations. They attend our annual meetings with all of the franchise owners and have truly become partners of our business truly invested in our ROI. LMA is involved in all aspects of our marketing and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I value their opinion, input and involvement in our brand and for that matter our business. — Paul Gange, President and CEO


LMA has been an integral part of our marketing team. In 2018, San Diego Private Bank rebranded to CalPrivate bank as we added offices in Newport Beach as well as in the LA area. LMA assisted in the complete rebranding of the CalPrivate Bank name change across multiple markets. LMA assisted us through the creation of marketing & sales materials, strategic branding programs, & promotions and events. LMA has proved themselves to be leaders in achieving client goals, while offering impeccable service along the way. Thank you, LMA. — Mary Brandt, Creative Coordinator

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