Political advertising will soon be everywhere as this year’s campaigns will soon notch it up to a new level, both on the local and national scene.  Does that mean you won’t be able to watch TV without being interrupted or ”informed” by another political ad? Yes, but that is only half the story.

The line between traditional linear TV and online TV continues to get fuzzy.  People want to watch what they want, when and where they want.  Programmers and video services have evolved just in the last 18 months to provide us exactly that. 

Consider some of the options to watch video.  Your traditional way of sitting in your living room and watching your HD TV is still the number one option for a lot of adults, however, there are so many other options now.  TV everywhere, like Comcast’s Xfinity TV GO, the subscription model like HULU and Netflix, stand alone streaming services such as CBS All Access and digital media stores like Google Play.

This has made the job of advertisers and agencies very difficult.  Just four years ago during the last Presidential election, candidates bought local and national Broadcast TV and Cable trusting they would reach a large audience with their messages.  Today, with such a heavy influence of young voters, if they are not using these other platforms a large percentage of the voting public will not be reached with their TV ads. 

This is also true for other advertisers looking to reach people on TV.  With so many options it becomes even more critical that a marketing plan is developed that includes the different platforms available and the best way to reach them.  I suspect no matter what platform you are on, this year’s candidates will find a way to reach you!