The Value of Sponsoring Pro/College Sports Teams

LMA Blog

This Sunday the most watched Program of the Year will take place, The Super Bowl. Many people will watch just to see the commercials. The average cost of a 30 second in-game Super Bowl commercial is $5 million dollars. That is a half a million dollars more per commercial than what NBC charged last year. While a Super Bowl advertisement may not be in your budget, there is tremendous value in aligning yourself with local professional and college sports teams. Benefits include raising brand awareness, reaching broad demographics, and the affiliation with the team.

Brand Awareness

Alignment with a local sports team at the college or pro level is very beneficial to your brand, although navigating through some of the sponsorship opportunities can be tricky and you should work with people who have a good knowledge on how to do that!

LMA works directly with the broadcast rights holder for sports teams. We have aligned our clients with the San Diego Padres, USC Trojans, Seattle Mariners, Portland Timbers, Arizona Cardinals and other college and pro teams. We do this by buying TV and or radio commercials within the games. This too aligns your brand with that team and again you realize all of the benefits that come with that sports sponsorship.

Reaching Broad Demographics

What about if the team is not a winner or as some would say a perennial loser? Ideally, you want to be a part of a winning team or a team that has a history of winning. In terms of baseball sponsorships, there will always be an audience that has followed that team and as such you can count on at least a decent TV or radio rating. The better the team plays obviously the higher the ratings. Sports are typically viewed by men, especially the hard to reach younger male demos, however, women can also be reached through sports sponsorships.

Affiliation with the Team

Credibility is quickly established for your brand if you can align with a winning or popular team. How do you do that? Several options are available. LMA works directly with the teams to buy signage or other assets that will let fans know you are part of that team. People like to patronage businesses that are “part” of their teams.

This country is Football crazy right now so those sponsorships are going to cost you but if you can afford the entry to play it is worth it. Buying TV commercials on the local broadcasts of your team is a great way to do this, or sponsoring one of the now many nights of Football. 

If you are part of the over 114 million people watching this year’s Super Bowl enjoy the game and pay attention to the ads, they cost a lot!