Radio-Does it still work?


I get asked this question all of the time by my clients.  The answer of course is “It depends.”   By the way that answer is true of any medium.  Terrestrial radio, or over the air radio, has been effected in terms of audience size over the past five years.  Satellite radio, Pandora, iHeart and all of the other streaming audio services have taken audience away from traditional radio.  The one device no one talks about that has hurt radio is the cell phone.  What do I mean by that?  Like a lot of busy business people I use my time in the car to return phone calls, so I am not listening to anything!


So while traditional radio has lost some audience it is still a very effective medium if used correctly.  Millions of people listen to over the air radio every day.  You can still reach young people via the radio-now they have no idea what AM radio is but they still listen to today’s hit music. Radio still allows you to target your audience with a lot of frequency and as always the message is easy to change. 


Radio Promotions are an effective way to engage interest your product or service. 
One of LMA’s clients has used ticket give-a-ways as part of their radio message to entice new customers with great success. 

Radio Traffic Sponsorship's are also a great way to get a short message across to an engaged audience-has anyone else noticed that traffic around this country seems to be getting worse! 

Radio Endorsements by talk show hosts and personalities are a convincing way to get your message heard. Radio is an emotional medium, the audience identifies with the personalities on the radio such as Rush Limbaugh, as well as other talk show hosts. Getting these personalities to endorse your product has proven to be effective. The show hosts ad credibility to the product or service as the audience trust the personality. Yes radio advertising still works-but you need to use the right station or mix of stations with a compelling message and the right frequency.