Strategic Planning for 2016

If you are like me it’s hard to believe that 2015 is almost over and 2016 is less than two months away.  As the weather turns, it’s time to finish planning for your 2016 marketing plans and budgets.  What are some things to keep in mind for next year?

Changing Media Landscapes

Platforms like HULU, Apple TV, Netflix and others continue to garner audience and therefore should be considered as potential media partners.  HULU is a product that can be targeted in your local markets.  TV is still the most used medium and continues to warrant a percentage of your budget - both broadcast and cable.  The millennials don’t subscribe to cable or satellite so you have to find alternative platforms to reach them. 

Impact of Political Advertising on Television

Make sure to take into account that political advertising is going to take a lot of the inventory on TV next year. The political window, where legally qualified candidates get the lowest unit charge, occurs 45 days prior to the Primary Election and 60 days before the November General Election.  Do you want to stay away from those periods?  Possibly - it all depends. 

So when you finalize your marketing plan for 2016 it is important to make sure you have a strategy, a budget based on sales and of course an evaluation of what you did this year. What worked? Happy planning and enjoy the holidays knowing you have a strategic plan for 2016!

LMA Marketing: Strategic Planning 2016